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BASIC workshop

1 -day interactive Workshop Basics

Free Up & Play makes stage fright manageable and helps to perform at your best.

In the first part (4hrs.) you will learn how to:

  • identify feelings and bodily sensations, accept and trust them

  • recognize triggers (observation vs interpretation)

  • distinguish between physical sensations, feelings and thoughts

  • identify needs (which are universal)

  • make requests to get those needs met (if needed or desired) 

  • develop greater empathy towards yourself and embrace the vulnerability inherent in performing, not to mention life. This is what creates joy as much as art.

The second part (2hrs.) will bring these elements together so you can use them in a simple and effective a 4-step plan.

Free Up & Play offers openness and discretion.  A friendly, energetic approach were peace and security is paramount.  

Please contact us for more information on individual coaching, training for groups or any other question.


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