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Stage fright

Performing in public is not always easy for everyone.

The phenomenon 'stage fright' is well known to many:

the physical sensations, the feeling of doubt and uncertainty, the thoughts...

In the best case stage fright can cause the body and mind to be on high alert so you can give your best performance. In the worst case stage fright can grow until it is an overwhelming fear that causes a person to give up what they love to do.  

Mieke Wouters believes it can be different.  She is an expert regarding stage fright.  As a professional musician, psychotherapist and a trainer in “Non-violent Communication” (Marshall Rosenberg) she has developed her own personal way to deal with stage fright at anytime. The method is not only for treating the symptoms nor only learning techniques and strategies. The method is based on the intelligence of the body. If we listen to our feelings and be aware of our needs, we can eliminate what is blocking us, and our energy can flow freely.  We transform our anxiety to flow. Resulting in more confidence on stage and not empty promises, for many, this method has been a revelation.


Free Up & Play teaches and trains any public speakers, musicians, dancers, actors and by extension anyone interested in learning how to deal with stress and how to shine. You will learn how to develop greater self-empathy, get comfortable with your vulnerability and how to transform unpleasant experiences (such as stage fright) into an opportunity for freer self-expression. From vulnerability comes strength, authenticity, artistic expression and ultimately, greater joy on stage and in life.


Due to COVID-19 there are no workshops for the moment.


Click here to contact Mieke for an individual workshop.

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