Mieke Wouters studied music education, vocals and music therapy and has been singing with Ton Koopman, Eric Van Nevel, Jos Van Immerseel and for more than 25 years at Collegium Vocale Gent with Philippe Herreweghe. Today she works at the Bethaniënhuis in Zoersel as a trainer Non-violent Communication. Since 2016 she is a certified family and social mediator.

She is also an expert in the field of performance anxiety. 

A singer with a background in Psychology and a Masters in Music Therapy, Wouters suffered from occasional stage fright for decades. She tried dozens of methods but accidentally discovered Marshall Rosenberg’s non-violent communication philosophy, which in the end had the greatest impact. As a result, she created workshops based on this philosophy and they were so meaningful for everyone, it became Wouters’ life mission to spread the information to anyone it could help. She trains master students in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Luca School of Arts in Leuven, Academy of performing Arts in Tilburg and coaches artists and public speakers in her private practice.

Kamiel Van Baelenstraat 11

2300 Turnhout, België

Tel: 0478/67.21.51

ondernemingsnummer: BE0703 769 840

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