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Mieke Wouters

Mieke Wouters sang with Philippe Herreweghe’s Collegium Vocale for more than 25 years and worked as a music therapist for about ten years. In 2013, she became acquainted with Marshall Rosenberg's Non-Violent Communication, a framework that sparked tremendous inspiration for both her life and her work . Since a few years, she gives workshops and trainings herself, both in the Bethany House in Zoersel and in her practice "Free Up & Play", where she brings together her passions for Non-violent Communication, music and mediation.

Mieke is an expert on stage fright, which accompanied her throughout her singing career. As by coincidence, she noticed that the process of self-empathy - as with Non-Violent Communication - had a much greater impact than anything she had tried before. Enthusiastic to share this finding with others, she developed a unique counseling approach and wrote a book about it.

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